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    High-quality heat-resistant packaging and containers for the food industry
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    High-quality heat-resistant packaging and containers for the food industry
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    We, Inpack Ltd

    are a company, oriented to the market for high-quality heat-resistant packaging and containers for the food industry.

    When we started this business in 2008, our vision was to create a structure that is able to satisfy the specific requirements of each potential client.

    Sixteen years later, thanks to the combination of a motivated team and modern tooling and machinery, we dare to say that we have succeeded in realizing our original idea.

    Our production is located in the city of Burgas – industrial zone “5th kilometer”. We have an impressive warehouse base and a catalog of over 300 available packaging models, as well as a big variety of cup caps, suitable for hot and soft drinks. Delivery to the territory of the entire country is provided by our transport.

    Our products meet all European quality requirements and have the necessary certificates. They are mainly made of OPS /oriented polystyrene/, suitable for food contact in the temperature range from -35°C to +80°C. At a customer’s request, the products can be made of PET or High Impact Polystyrene /HIPS/.

    They are intended for all types of food products:

    • Confectionery – cakes, rolls, small candy, syrup cakes, doughnuts, eclairs, French macarons, biscuits, delicacies, etc.;
    • Hot and cold kitchen, fast food;
    • Blisters for biscuits and candies;
    • Nuts, fresh and dried fruits;
    • Packaging for products from other industry areas.

    Our main advantage over the competition is our extensive experience and specific machine equipment for the production of thermoforming tools. This gives us the freedom to make products tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers.

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